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Area Athletics Finals

13 Jul 2017 | Posted In Sport

Area Athletics Finals 2017

On Wednesday 28th June 2017 over 40 athletes from St John Fisher competed in the Harrogate and Craven Athletics Finals at Princess Mary’s Stadium, Cleckheaton. The weather conditions were horrendous on the day but the competition still went ahead. There were a number of superb performances with 18 students winning their events to become ‘Area Champions’. Below is a comprehensive list of all those that competed.


Year Group Name Event Distance/time Position
7 Zac Walker Shot 8.83m 1st
7 Dylan Winspear Javelin/ 300m 18.52m/ 46.77 secs 1st/ 2nd
7 Cameron Inglis Triple Jump 8.66m 1st
7 Will Barker High Jump/ 200m 1.35m/ 29.26 secs 1st/ 2nd
7 Dawid Sawaryn 100m 15 secs 4th
7 Dominic Jones Hurdles 11.56 secs 3rd/1st
7 Boys Relay 3rd
7 Cassie Green Discus/ 100m 9.48m/ 15.64 secs 5th/ 5th
7 Natasha Abbott Shot 6.30m 1st
7 Therese Tolan Long Jump/ Hurdles 4.13m/ 12.15 secs 1st/ 1st
7 Girls Relay 4th
8 Davide Santoro Long Jump 4.07m 1st
8 Jacob Anderson-Codman Triple Jump/ 100m 10.14m/ 12.91 secs 1st/ 1st
8 Findlay Waudby 300m 50.09 secs 4th
8 James Sinclair 200m 29.84 secs 2nd
8 Boys Relay 2nd
9 Ciaran James Discus 24.30m 4th
9 Callum Tatterton Long Jump 4.49m 2nd
9 Ollie Kay Shot 9.48m 2nd
9 George Fuller Javelin 28.39m 2nd
9 Matthew Falokun 100m 12.07 secs 1st
9 Paddy Tolan Triple Jump/ 300m 11.12m/ 39.98 secs 1st/ 1st
9 Ethan Hussey 800m 2 min 08.30 secs 1st
9 Joe Gosling 1500m 5 min 08.81 secs 4th
9 Moses Beeson 200m 24.74 secs 1st
9 Boys Relay 50.06 secs 1st
9 Jessica Flynn Long Jump/ 100m 4.32m/ 15.14 secs 2nd/ 5th
9 Eimear Wyrill Hurdles 16.13 secs 5th
9 Sophia Lubieka Shot 5.30m 5th
9 Niamh Barker 200m 29.62 secs 4th
10 Ethan Walker Hurdles/ High Jump 13.17 secs/1.50m 2nd
10 Harry Blades Discus 21.39m 3rd
10 Rian Rowley Shot 11.52m 2nd
10 Conor Griffin Javelin 26.50m 2nd
10 Andrew Hilyer 100m 13.43 secs 5th
10 Evan Ward 1500m 4 mins 57.95 secs 3rd
10 Frank Urbanski 200m 25.75 secs 2nd
10 Boys Relay 5th
10 Molly Bridson Triple Jump/ Hurdles 9.78m/ 16.59 secs 1st/ 2nd
10 Pheobe Hunt Long Jump/ 100m 3.54m/ 15.11 secs 3rd/ 4th
10 Mary Windle Shot 6.02m 5th
10 India Deakin Javelin 18.76m 3rd
10 Lucy Pearson 800m 2 mins 43.79 secs 2nd
10 Jennifer Tunstall 1500m 6 mins 28.66 secs 2nd
10 Freya Devine 300m 48.63 secs 4th
10 Girls Relay 3rd