Don't forget it's Xmas Jumper Day this Friday 15 December. Students are expected to attend school in their uniform and in exchange for a small donation of £1 they are invited to wear a Christmas jumper in place of their blazer only.

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art work


School LogoWelcome to the department

This is a small but well-established and thriving department, which places a heavy emphasis on establishing good, friendly, supportive relations with students of all ages and abilities who pass through the department.  Art is a means for educating, not just an isolated educational subject.


Mr Paul Barton Head of Department
Mr Paul Smith
Mrs Ruth Bibbings
Mrs Natalie Berry
Mrs Fiona Marr
Mrs Steff Barton

artworkpage1Department Aims

  • To provide a stimulating, secure and professional learning environment through which students gain and extend experiences and artistic competencies, are able to express themselves, develop confidence and a sense of achievement that will enable them to contribute positively to the world around them.
  • All students undertake a combination of courses, which aim to offer a broad range of experiences in both 2 and 3 Dimensions.

Furthermore we aim to;-

  • encourage the development of intuitive, analytical, critical and evaluative skills in students;
  •  develop personal attributes of initiative, ingenuity, enquiry, commitment, cooperation, sensitivity and motivation.
  • promote knowledge, awareness and appreciation of art history, cultural influences and effective design in our society;
  • encourage an experimental and inquiring approach to art work;
  •  provide the opportunity to allow students to experience and develop a range of technical and manipulative skills in order to enable individuals to realise their creative intention through a wide range of materials;
  • equip students with a working vocabulary in order to communicate their intent effectively.
  •  develop an awareness within individuals as to the relationship between school based Art and Design activities and the world of industry and work.
  • artworkpage2enable individuals to build on knowledge and experiences acquired throughout the school curriculum, further to transfer skills and knowledge gained to other subject areas.
  • ensure continuity, coherence, relevance and progression from Primary school, through years 7 to 11 and post
  • develop relationships between IT and areas of the Art and Design process.
  • monitor, assess and report on individual student performance in art and design activities, using systems that acknowledge both process and final realisation through a combination of assessment methods.