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Geography 3Staff
Mr D Heaton (Head of Geography)
Mrs A Joy (Head of Sixth Form)
Miss L Knowles
Mr R Chatten
Mrs D Matthews
Mr A Hussey
Mrs E Roberts



Why Study Geography?
Geography 5Geography is the subject that provides students with the skills required for the 21st Century. It provides opportunities to understand and make sense of the world and the people in it. The world in which we live is likely to see more changes in the next 50 years than it has ever done before and Geography explains why this is and helps to prepare you for these changes. At St John Fisher School, we explore social, economic and environmental issues that are relevant at the local and global scale and enable young people to develop as Global Citizens.




Geographers can:

• Ask questions and find the answers
• Make decisions
• Solve problemsGeography 4
• Handle data
• Analyse material
• Think independently

Geographers are:
• Good communicators
• Problem solvers
• Good team players
• ICT literate
• Spatially aware
• Self managers
• Socially and environmentally aware

Statistics show that compared to other subjects Geography graduates are among the most employable. This is because they possess the skills that employers look for. In part, this is because Geography is a combination of the facts of science and the understanding of the arts.

Key Stage 3Geography 1

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Key Stage 5 – Geography in the Sixth Form

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