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Media Studies

Miss E. Stokes – Head of DepartmentMedia
Miss H. Bedford – Media and English teacher
Mr C. Kilby – Media and English teacher

This is a subject that offers students breadth and variety in terms of skills and lesson experiences. In Media, students get the best of both worlds; the theory and analytical skills enjoyed in subjects like English and History mixed with the creativity and resourcefulness of practical subjects like Art and Product Design. Media studies is always ‘current’ and fast paced but the benefits of such a subject is career opportunities; in an unstable climate, we offer a pathway into further study and the many avenues that Media can open up for the future.

Departmental Aims
• To offer lessons that nurture individual creativity whilst offering opportunities for students to work in groups and learn the value of teamwork

• To provide the backbone of theory and analysis so that students can become independent learners when viewing and evaluating the Media in the 21st century

• To prepare students for higher education by giving them the necessary practical and theoretical skills to go into a career related to ‘Media’ and ‘The Media Industry’

Key Stage 3
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Media Key Stage 3

Key Stage 4
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Media Key Stage 4

Key Stage 5
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Media Key Stage 5