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Teachers of Psychology: Mrs Fisher and Mr Bates

Psychology is relevant to anyone who is interested in people and provides a good opportunity to display a range of academic skills. Many of our students continue their Psychological studies beyond A Level, either via degree courses in Psychology or in subjects that are likely to have a Psychological element e.g. Physiotherapy, Teaching, Nursing, Marketing, Human Resources, Social Work, Advertising and many others. Psychology is taught in close co-cooperation with St Aidan’s Psychology department.

AS Level:

Unit 1: Social Influence, Memory and Attachment (developmental Psychology).

Unit 2: Approaches in Psychology (to include the origins of Psychology and its emergence and recognition as a science), Psychopathology (Characteristics, explanations and treatments of phobias, depression and OCD) and Research methods.

Each of the above two units are assessed through two 1 hour 30 minute exams containing three sections of compulsory questions. There is no coursework at AS or A Level.

A Level:

Unit 1: Social influence, Memory and Psychopathology.

Unit 2: Approaches in Psychology, Biopsychology and Research Methods.

Unit 3: Issues and Debates in Psychology.

  • One from Relationship, Gender, Cognition and Development
  • One from Schizophrenia, Eating Behaviour, Stress
  • One from Aggression, Forensic Psychology, Addiction.

Each of the above three units are worth 33.3% of the A Level qualification; the course is assessed through three two hour exams.

“Psychology is that bit different because you have to write essays, do scientific research and carry out data analysis. You also get a real insight into how people tick!” (Year 13 Student)

“I’m finding Psychology really interesting and a nice change from the traditional subjects I studied at GCSE. So far I’ve found the AS course very manageable.” (Year 12 Student)