GCSE Examination Information


Please be advised that GCSE results can be collected from the Main Hall between 9.30am and 11.00am on Thursday 23rd August. If you would like your results sending by post, please provide an A4 stamped addressed envelope to Mrs Haley by the end of term. If you would like someone to collect your results on your behalf, please send a letter to Mrs Haley with your authorisation and the name of the person collecting your results.

Due to the GDPR Regulations we will require consent from each student to publish their results which will be requested on the day.

Once you have received your results, should you require a clerical check or review of marking, please complete the attached form and email it to exams@sjfchs.org.uk

A copy of this form will be included in your results envelopes. Requests will not be processed unless the relevant fees have been paid by Parent Pay.

Any requests received during the school holidays will be dealt with on 4th September.

GCSE Review of Results Form 2018

Warnings and Notices

Please note that the information, notices and warnings are relevant for GCSE candidates.  Students and parents should take the time to read through these important documents.

Please use the links to access the following documents:-

Candidate Exam Handbook 2017 2018

Y11 Letter re Attendance During Exams

Information for Candidates – Controlled Assessment 2017 2018

Information for Candidates – Coursework 2017 2018

Information for Candidates – Non Exam Assessment 2017 2018

Information for Candidates – Onscreen Tests 2017 2018

Information for Candidates – Privacy Notice 2017 2018

Information for Candidates – Social Media 2017 2018

Information for Candidates – Written Exams 2017 2018

Warning to Candidates 2017 2018

Notice to Year 10 Students re Mock Exams

Notice to Year 11 Students re Summer Exams

No Mobile Phones Poster 2017

Contingency Day Letter to Students and Parents

Policies and Procedures

Exams Policy 2018 

Complaints and Appeals Procedure (Exams)

Controlled Assessment Internal Appeals Policy

Controlled Assessment Policy

Internally Assessed Coursework Policy

Internal Appeals Procedures 2017 18

Centre Emergency Evacuation Procedure

Lockdown Policy (Exams) 2017 18

Exam Contingency Plan 2017 18