Examination Information

Please use this page to find information about GCSE and A level examinations.

With effect from Monday 29 May 2017, there will be a designated email address for GCSE exam related queries:


GCSE Post Results Services – Year 11

Please be advised that if any students would like to request an Enquiry about Result (EAR) or Access to Script (ATS) following their GCSE results, the request form can be found by clicking on the link below:

GCSE Enquiries About Results Form 2017

All requests must be emailed to exams@sjfchs.org.uk and all fees should be paid by Parent Pay at the time of the request.  If you are unable to access Parent Pay, please email finance@sjfchs.org.uk as soon as possible to have this set up. Please note requests will not be processed if payment is not received.

Any queries, please contact Mrs Haley, Exams Officer.


Y12 Mock Exam Timetable 2017

Y12 Mock Exams Changes of Venue 2017

Drama Department Upcoming Exams 2017

Ums grade equivalences for back of statement of results 2016 for students

GCSE Exam Timetable Summer 2017

Sixth Form Exam Timetable Summer 2017

GCSE Grade and Unit Marks

GCE Exam Resit Form June 2017

No Mobile Phones Poster 2016

Information For Candidates Social Media 2016-2017

Information For Candidates Privacy Notice 2016-2017

Information For Candidates Coursework 2016-2017

Information For Candidates Controlled Assessments 2016-2017

Information For Candidates Onscreen Tests 2016-2017

Information For Candidates Written Exams 2016-2017

Warning To Candidates 2016-2017


Please note that the information, notices and warnings are relevant for both GCSE and GCE candidates.  Students and parents should take the time to read through these important documents.

Please use the links to access the following documents:-

GCSE Examinations Booklet 2017

Associated Sixth Form Examination Handbook 2016-17

Sixth Form Examination Handbook 2016 17

Notice to Year 10 Students re Mock Exams

Notice to Year 11 Students re Summer Exams

Sixth Form Exam Arrangements Summer 2017

Y11 Letter re Attendance During Exams