Target Setting

At Key Stage 3, students’ targets are set for English, Maths and Science during the Autumn Term of Year 7, and then reported on each term during Key Stage 3. Currently the school is still using Key Stage 3 levels during the academic year 2016/7 whilst we carefully develop a target setting and grading system which will best support our students’ learning.

At Key Stage 4, students’ targets are set for all subjects during the Autumn Term of Year 9, and then reported on in each subsequent term during KS 4. For full details of the Key Stage 4 Target Setting procedure please click on this link:

At Key Stage 5, ALPS is used to set students targets in September of Year 12.

In all instances, the school sets aspirational targets against which we can assess our students’ progress and reports upon their grades in comparison to these targets throughout their studies with us in order to support their progress.