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A Level Examination Information

Please use this page to find information about  A level examinations.

Exam Timetables

Year 12 Mock Exams May 2018 Amended 14 March 

Year 13 December Mock Exam Timetable 

Sixth Form Exam Timetable Summer 2018

Warnings and Notices

Please note that the information, notices and warnings are relevant for both GCSE and GCE candidates.

Please use the links to access the following documents:-

ATS Request January 2018 Form

EAR Application Form Jan 2018

EAR Results Enquiries Fees Jan 2018

Sixth Form Examination Handbook 2017 18

Year 13 Grade Letter November 2017

Resit Form for Camb Tech Health Social Care or IT Exams June 2018

Resit Form for Applied Gen Business or Science June 2018

Information for Candidates – Coursework 2017 2018

Information for Candidates – Written Exams 2017 2018

Information for Candidates – Social Media 2017 2018

Information for Candidates – Privacy Notice 2017 2018

Information for Candidates – Onscreen Tests 2017 2018

Information for Candidates – Non Exam Assessment 2017 2018

Information for Candidates – Controlled Assessment 2017 2018

Warning to Candidates 2017 2018

No Mobile Phones Poster 2017

AS Level Mathematics in Sixth Form


Policies and Procedures

Controlled Assessment Internal Appeals Policy

Controlled Assessment Policy Exams Policy 2018

St John Fisher High School Internally Assessed Coursework Policy

Admission Tests for Oxford Notice

Internal Appeals Procedures Policy 2017 18

Complaints and Appeals Procedure (Exams)

Centre Emergency Evacuation Procedure