Marking, Assessment and Reporting

Marking Policy
Following a term of research surrounding more effective forms of providing feedback, we are moving to a new marking policy which will ensure good practice is consistent across the school. Teachers will not mark every piece of work in students’ books. In all subjects, marking will be completed for significant pieces of work, which might be assessment preparation or homework, and all assessments will be marked. The thinking behind this is that teachers should have more time to provide good quality feedback on fewer pieces of work.  In addition, teachers can spend more time preparing good quality lessons. The language of feedback will be in the form of WWW (what went well) and EBI (Even Better If). As part of the feedback, students will be given an action which they need to act on. Dedicated Improvement and Reflection Time (DIRT) will be allocated to lessons in order for students to act on the feedback and close the gap. This has been a particularly successful model followed by the English and Mathematics departments in recent years and this has had a positive impact on the results in those subjects.

Follow this link to view the policy: Marking Policy 

Assessment and Reporting
Our assessment schedule ensure that parents receive a termly communication about their child’s progress.  Additionally, students also receive one full report in each academic year.

Click on the link to see our assessment and reporting schedule in table form.

Assessment and Reporting 2019 to 2020

If you have any questions about your child’s report, please contact their Head of Year.