Curriculum Overview


Our curriculum reflects our school mission statement and core values of ‘Educating for Life.’ This means that we continue to offer a broad curriculum across Key Stage 3 and 4, to allow students to have as rich a curriculum diet as possible within the resources available to us. We have a two year Key Stage 3 which was introduced in 2008, and a 3 year Key Stage 4.

As a Catholic School RE sits at the heart of our curriculum and is a core subject, along with English, Maths and Science and guides both curriculum content and philosophy.

At Key Stage 3, all students follow a curriculum comprised of 14 subjects. In addition support is offered, where applicable, in English and Maths.

At Key Stage 4, students will study a core curriculum of English Language and Literature, Maths, RE and either Combined or Separate Sciences and either History or Geography. The majority of students also study at least one language and in addition students make two further choices.  Students also study PHSCE in Years 9 and 10, and take part in Core PE.  Where this curriculum diet is not appropriate we offer students the opportunity to take a tailored suite of qualifications as an alternative to a language option.  For those students who are finding the demands of GCSE challenging, in Year 11 we also offer the opportunity for students to alter one of their non EBacc options choices for additional support in English and Maths.

St. John Fisher Catholic High School has always promoted the values of Humanities and Languages, and the entry rates into the EBacc are considerably above national average and always have been as they reflect the needs and interests of our students. Where in is not in the interests of a child to study a language, we do make alternative provision.

We review our curriculum provision annually to ensure it continues to meet the needs of our students.

Subject specific information can be found in the subject pages on this website.  For further curriculum related enquiries, please email