A Level Drama and Theatre

What will I study in Drama and Theatre Studies?

You will study how plays create drama and meaning and consequently how theatre is shaped by a production team, to convey meaning to an audience.

You will also study the work of several significant theatre practitioners whose ideas have influenced modern theatre and apply these theories in your own performance.  This will be done through a range of practical workshops and seminars where you will explore different techniques and ideas to help broaden your critical approach.

We follow the AQA Drama and Theatre course.  The course is 60% written and 40% practical.  There is a written exam as well as practical assessment.

Component One: Drama and Theatre (Written Exam)

  • Study of two set plays, and analysis and evaluation of live theatre
  • Three hours
  • 80 marks
  • 40% of A level

Component Two: Creating Original Drama (Practical)

  • Students devise and perform an original piece of drama which is influenced by live theatre and theatre practitioners
  • Working notebook (40 marks)
  • Practical Performance (20 marks)
  • 30% of A Level

Component Three: Making Theatre (Practical)

  • Students rehearse and perform three extracts
  • from contrasting scripted plays
  • Extract three is assessed as a final performance
  • An influential practitioner or style has to be applied to extract three
  • Scripted performance (40 marks)
  • Reflective report (20 marks)
  • 30% of A Level

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