Main Office: 01423 887254
Sixth Form: 01423 818426


Head of Science: Mr R Tanner-Smith
Physics: Mr W Rhodes – Head of Subject, Mr R Tanner-Smith, Mr P Thornley, Miss E Warne
Chemistry: Miss J Burton- Head of Subject, Mr P Cartledge, Dr J Harrison, Mr G Robinson
Biology: Mr N Bulcock- Head of Subject, Mrs J Charlesworth, Mr A Johnson, Mrs J Newsome, Mrs S Smith, Ms K Swales, Mr I Thyne, Mr M Walsh
Health & Social Care: Ms K Swales – Head of Subject, Mr M Walsh

Technicians: Mr F Lydon, Science Technician, , Mr A Mulholland

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Health & Social Care

Revision Apps

In this day of portable devices, you may like to explore the following revision applications:

Test and Learn Science GCSE AQA.
AQA Core Science GCSE textbook.