GCSE Examination Information

Warnings and Notices

Please note that the information, notices and warnings are relevant for GCSE candidates.  Students and parents should take the time to read through these important documents.

Please use the links to access the following documents:-

Information for GCSE candidates – Summer 2021 Results Appeals and Certificates

Exam Appeals Guidance Summer 2021

Appeals Form Summer 2021

GCSE Exam Timetable Summer 2021

Candidate Exam Handbook 2020 2021

Information for Candidates Coursework Assessments

Information for Candidates On-Screen Examinations

Information for Candidates Non-Examination Assessments

Information for Candidates Written Examinations

Information for Candidates Privacy Notice 19-20

Table of Indicative Sanctions Against Candidates

Social Media Information for Candidates

Unauthorised Items Poster

Warning to Candidates 2020-21

Notice to Year 10 & Year 11 Students re Mock Exams

Table of Offences and Penalties – Malpractice

Coping with Exam Pressure – A Guide for Students

How to Manage Exam Stress

Policies and Procedures

Summer 2021 TAG Centre Policy

JCQ Suspected Malpractice Policies and Procedures

Exams Policy 2020 2021

Complaints and Appeals Procedure 2020 2021

Emergency Evacuation Procedures 2020 2021

Equalities Policy 2020 2021

Exam Contingency Plan 2020 2021

Internal Appeals Procedure 2020 2021

Lockdown Policy (Exams) 2020 2021

Non Examination Assessment Policy 2020 2021