At St John Fisher, students have a two Year Key Stage 3 programme and take their options at the end of Year 8, beginning their Key Stage 4 studies in Year 9.

In order to support them in the process, Year 8 students are given a number of presentations by subjects during the Spring Term. This prepares them for the Year 8 Options Evening, which this year will take place on the evening 13th March 2019. This gives students and their parents an opportunity to learn more about the options process and subject courses.

Year 8 Options Powerpoint for Parents 2019

This is followed by the Year 8 Parents’ Evening on 13th March 2019 which should provide further support to the decision making process for students and parents. Students will return their options choices by the 1st April 2019.

All Year 8 students will receive an Options Booklet, additional copies are available by clicking on the link below:

Year 8 Options Booklet 2019