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David Solomons Visit

09 Feb 2018 | Posted In Literacy

A Review of David Solomons Visit – Tuesday 6 February by Amelia Beesting (7A)

David Solomons [author of My Brother is a Superhero] came into see the Year 7s. He started off by doing a quick quiz on superheroes and he told us all about the good and bad points of a superhero.
After that, he got 2 brave volunteers to design a superhero and they were made to wear a cape and mask to fit in with the superhero theme. The superhero that Year 7 designed was called ‘Roblox Kid’. It was great fun because everybody contributed and that was probably my favourite part. I loved to see how David Solomons worked whilst writing so we can use it in our own pieces of work. Even though I am not a great fan of superheroes, I still love the way he writes so I am glad that he came.
At the end, he took any questions and one student stated, ‘’ It was great – I learnt so much and learnt lots of different writing styles. I also enjoyed the workshop with him during period 3.’’ A few lucky people from each form got to take part in a workshop with David which taught them about how to become a better writer.
All in all, everybody enjoyed seeing David Solomon in school and getting their books personally signed by him.


A Review of David Solomons Visit – Tuesday 6 February by Sophie Hance (7A)

On Tuesday 6th February year seven were lucky enough to have David Solomons, the famous author, come into school to talk to them. At the end of year six the pupils had all been given one of his books to read over the Summer holidays: it was called ‘My Brother Is a Superhero’. The book is an international best selling novel and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. It is about two brothers: Luke is eleven years old and is mad about comics. He shares a treehouse with his older brother Zack. One day whilst Luke is out having a wee an alien gives his brother superpowers and asks him to save the universe. Luke is very annoyed by this as his brother has never even read a comic. However, when Zack is kidnapped by his arch-nemesis, Luke and his friends have only five days to find him and save the world…

David’s talk was both interesting and inspiring. He told us that he had written two other books which had not been published as the publishers told him they were not good enough. He taught us we must keep persevering as he has done as he now has several books published worldwide.

In order to write ‘My Brother is a Superhero’ David told us that he had to do lots of research about other superheroes and that he isn’t the type of author who sits around waiting for inspiration to come to him. Writing a book is very hard work and the author needs to be both motivated and dedicated.

During the talk we completed a test on superheroes which was really fun. David pointed out to us that superheroes need three things: superpowers, a special costume and a way of getting around e.g. the batmobile. However, he did point out that his superhero (Starlad) did not have all of these. Instead he had superpowers, a black hoodie and a bus pass!

Towards the end of the talk David invited a couple of people from the audience to design a superhero. The rest of the audience contributed by giving ideas and in the end we designed an amazing superhero who can change into animals.

David Solomon has taught me so much and inspired me in my own writing. I can’t wait to use his ideas in my own work. David, a big ‘thank you’ from all of year seven for giving up your time and coming in to talk to us.