Care and Achievement

Our students are high achievers, and we are immensely proud of them. Although we prize academic success (and many of our students go on to achieve excellent qualifications), in the journey through St John Fisher Catholic High School, the education we provide does not merely focus on exam results.

Fundamentally, the school strives to:-

  • encourage and cultivate an ethos of lifelong learning
  • enable students to develop as rounded individuals

“Recognition of individual qualities is key to academic and personal success.”


Through raising aspirations, self-esteem and spirituality within the school community, we see wide-ranging achievements and growth in confidence. We are truly a ‘family’ and, like any family, we are always there to support one another through life’s ups and downs, whether academic, spiritual, sporting or other personal triumphs and/or failures.

To give our students the best chance of success in life and to enable them to make the right choices when faced with difficult situations, we take care to guide them and instill in them Christian values that lie at the heart of our community.

Our extensive pastoral team extends to two designated safeguarding leads, attainment coordinators, form tutors, learning mentors, teaching assistants and a pupil welfare officer.

However, one of the key strengths of St John Fisher is that every member of staff, teaching or non-teaching, recognises the part they have to play in the care of all our young people, on a daily basis. We are proud of our ethos that every child really does matter and we value and support each and every member of our school community, particularly when they are most in need.
In this school, pastoral care and academic achievement go hand in hand. We see the value in all our students’ achievements and encourage positive attitudes in all at St John Fisher. We aim to give all our young people equal opportunities to succeed within a positive and caring environment, so that each one of them has the right to fulfil their potential.
We strive to help our students believe that, with God at its centre, the human spirit can achieve great things.