Wellbeing Support in School

The Pastoral Team

The school has a comprehensive pastoral team led by Mr P Stansfield and Mrs E Crichton who are both designated Safeguarding Leads. the wider Pastoral Team comprises of:

Form Tutors – are the first point of contact for students for worries such as school work, homework, friendship issues.

Heads of Year/Attainment Co-ordinators – are responsible for the welfare and wellbeing of students whilst they are at school.

Pupil Welfare Officer –  oversees all health and medical related issues with students throughout the school day.

Pupil Support Officer  – oversees day to day behaviour and attendance issues across all year groups.

The Attic – The Mentoring Team is based in The Attic and is led by Mrs Crutchley who is the Lead Learning Mentor. In The Attic there is space to talk and work quietly.  Mentors are available from 8:45am to 3.35pm and there is always one of the team on duty at break and lunchtime.

The Learning Support Team – is based in the link and is led by Mrs Palma who is the Special Education Needs Co-ordinator.

The Pastoral Team has close links with other agencies and organisations which can support young people in North and West Yorkshire.  This includes the following:

The Healthy Child Team (Harrogate and District NHS foundation Trust) – This team works both in and out of school providing support, advice and intervention around many aspects of children and young people’s health and wellbeing.  Referral can be mad through schools, via GP’s or direct from parents/carers.
Tel 01423 553432.

The following services can all be accessed through the pastoral team, your GP or in some cases direct by you or a young person.


This services provides specialised mental health support to children and adolescents.
Tel 01423 726900

CAMHS Crisis

This team supports young people in the community who are experiencing acute crisis and where there is a risk to themselves and/or others.  The team will support, advise and offer assessment if felt appropriate.   The service is accessible 7 days per week from 10am – 10pm
Tel 01423 544 335

Compass REACH

Compass REACH is a county wide service staffed by qualified nurses that offers both psychosocial and clinical interventions to young people who are involved in risk taking behaviours relating to substance misuse (including alcohol), poor sexual health and emotional wellbeing and mental health.
Tel 01609 777662

Compass BUZZ

Compass BUZZ offers confidential information and advice for professionals, parents/carers and children & young people across North Yorkshire in relation to emotional and mental wellbeing.
Tel 01609 777662 or Freephone 0800 008 7452

Compass BUZZ US

Young people across North Yorkshire can text 07520631168 regarding any mental health and wellbeing issues and receive advice, support and signposting from a Wellbeing Worker.

Early Help Service (previously known as The Prevention Service)

The aim of the service is to reduce the numbers of children and young people requiring more intensive and more costly interventions through children’s social care and other crisis led services, by providing timely and effective responses that prevent difficulties escalating. Every effort is made to ensure that families are able to access readily a range of support to ensure that their children are safe. happy and well and that they can flourish at school and in the wider world.

Charlie Waller Memorial Trust

At the Charlie Waller Memorial Trust we produce booklets and posters on many aspects of mental health. These are free to download or order and include our Parent’s Guide to Depression: https://www.cwmt.org.uk/parents-guide

Reading for Wellness – Non Fiction

Click on the link for a list of reading books all available in the school library.

Reading for Wellness – Non Fiction