Catch Up Funding Statement

We received £5317 of funding in 2017/18 for Year 7 catch up funding. This was spent on purchasing the Accelerated Reader scheme to support English at a cost of £2107, Reading leaders training of £995, Passport Maths funding of £314.42 and £1900.58 towards partly funding the salary of a high level teaching assistant in maths.

In maths, 30 students were identified as having achieved below the National requirement of 100 in their KS2 SATS. These students took part in ‘Passport Maths’ by National Numeracy.  Passport Maths is designed for pupils who did not achieve the expect standard at Key Stage 2; the programme enables students to follow and master the mathematical fundamentals which they may have missed out on at primary school, whilst continuing to progress with the KS3 curriculum along with the rest of the year group.  The intervention ran from October, once students had been set, until the end of December.  Students received 2 hours of intervention per week in addition to their maths lessons in groups of 15 with a maths high level teaching assistant. The impact was that, of the 30 students identified as requiring catch up intervention, 19 had reached the expected national standard by the end of year 7.

In English, 25 students were identified as requiring catch up on either the SPaG or Reading or both components at KS2. All of these students took part in the Accelerated Reader scheme throughout the year where their reading progress was closely monitored. These students also took part in the Reading Leaders scheme where they were paired with a trained 6th form student. Additionally, 12 students attended weekly 30-minute intervention sessions for an 8-week intervention period in the spring term. This intervention was delivered by the KS3 coordinator in small groups to students who shared specific targets for development.  This intervention programme continued for 10 students with a specialist English teaching assistant in the summer term. The impact was that, of the 25 students identified as requiring catch up intervention, 21 had reached the expected national standard by the end of year 7.

We are still awaiting confirmation in March for the amount for the current year. In English the funding will be spent as 2017-18 on the Accelerated Reader Scheme, training Reading Leaders and for small group intervention. Maths will use their funding on Rock Stars Scheme to improve numeracy and small group intervention for identified students.