Governing Body


Ms J O’Gara

Ms Jane O’Gara – Chair (Foundation)
Mr James Brennan – Vice Chair (Foundation)
Mr Paul Brockwell – Headteacher
Mrs Paula Deacon – Clerk
Canon Jim Callaghan (Foundation)
Canon John Nunan (Foundation)
Mrs Caroline Hyde (Foundation)
Mrs Anglea Wicken (Foundation)
Mrs Emma Higgins (Foundation)
Mrs Ellen Pearson (Foundation)
Mrs Cecilia Coote (Foundation)
Mr Peter Davies (Co-Opted Governor)
Mr Frank Millar (Co-Opted Governor)
Dr Mariclaire Langstaff (Staff Governor)
Mr Neil McKenzie (LEA Governor)
Mrs Helen Somers (Parent Governor)
Mrs Leona Beecroft (Parent Governor)

What do Governors do?

Governors are at the heart of our school leadership. Their responsibilities include:

  • The performance of the school
  • The future development of the school
  • Managing the school budget
  • Appointing staff
  • The school’s provision for pupils

The Governors carry out their responsibilities through committee meetings. They meet as a whole a minimum of three times a year, and also meet as committees at least three times a year. The committees do most of the decision making. The Committees at St John Fisher are as follows:

  • Finance – Premises and Health and Safety
  • Curriculum – Teaching and Learning
  • Personnel – Staff Appointments and Staff Welfare
  • Cultural and Pastoral – Safeguarding and Child Protection, Community Relations

Governors can be part of more than one committee, thereby making committees less onerous and more effective. Governors can take part in all aspects of school life and can decide how much to be involved through the Link Governors scheme.
Being a Governor is very rewarding:

  • Making a positive difference to how well the school operates.
  • Seeing how your efforts help raise standards and achievement
  • Helping the school to be a bigger part of our community
  •  Learning new skills, enhance your cv and realise your potential
  • Having an impact on children’s lives
  • Ensure that every child matters

Training and support

There is a great deal of support for Governors, new and experienced. There is a full induction process, including meeting the Head and having a tour of the school. If you wish, another member of the Governing Body will act as your mentor. Training can be accessed through a range of providers including the County Council. Fees are paid by the school. Courses can encourage your development as a Governor. Attendance at forums are useful for increasing your knowledge in specific areas and networking with other local Governors.
The Governing Body is skills based to ensure a broad and balanced Governing Body, and is made up as follows:

  •  9 x Foundation Governors
  • 1 x Local Authority Governor
  • 1 x Staff Governor
  • 1 x Head Teacher Governor
  • 2 x Parent Governors
  • Clerk to the Governors – The Board is supported by the Headteacher’s PA who acts as Clerk to the Governors.