School Policies

St John Fisher Catholic High School is committed to the value of each individual and the development of self-worth. Together we aim for excellent progress and high attainment in knowledge, understanding & skills. At our school we aim to develop attitudes & values, which will help every child to become a strong, independent individual who can contribute effectively & generously to the life of society.

We set high expectations for learning, behaviour & social development because we believe that excellence is most likely to be achieved when children are motivated to attain the highest standards of which they are capable, in a climate of caring support.

St John Fisher Catholic High School has adopted a range of different policies and procedures, which work to ensure the safety and enjoyment of the young people in our care. Some of the main ones are listed below. Please contact the school if you would like further information about any policies that are not listed here. We will be happy to help.

Please click on the following links to assess our policies:-

Acceptable Use Policy

Admissions Policy 2019-2020

Admissions Policy 2020-2021

Anti Bullying Policy 

Assessment Policy

Behaviour Policy (Student)

Charging Policy 2020

Collective Worship Policy 

Communication Policy

Complaints Policy

Educational Visits, Outdoor Learning and Adventurous Activities Policy

Educational Visits Policy

Exams Policy 2020 2021

Health and Safety Policy

High Starters Policy

Home Schools Agreement Policy

Information Policy

Lockdown Policy

Lockdown Policy (Exams) 2020 2021

Marking Policy 

Mobile Phone Policy 

Privacy Policy October 2019

School Child Protection Policy 2019-2020

SEND Policy Sept 2020

SEN Information Report Sept 2020

Sex Relationships Education Policy

Single Equality Scheme Sept 2018

St Aidan’s and St John Fisher Associated Sixth Form Admissions Policy 19-20

Substance Misuse Policy 

Trips Policy

Uniform Policy Feb 2020