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New interactive Language Resource

21 Mar 2019 | Posted In Charitable Fundraising, Parents

Thanks to the generous support of the parents’ association the languages department now have a fantastic new resource to help students learn and revise. Initially this is being introduced to Year 11 students as it provides excellent revision possibilities. It is not limited to revision, however, and will be used across all years.

The resource is an interactive website which has 8000 different exam style questions for each language as well as a vocabulary bank of 2500 words. There are a variety of challenging and fun ways for students to learn. They receive rewards as they make their progress. Students have access to all of the site and can take responsibility for their own learning, but teachers will also set specific homework tasks where progress will be recorded. The site allows students not only to practise reading and listening but also to record and submit both audio and written exercises to their teacher for checking and feedback. Android and Apple apps mean that the site can be used with a tablet.

The department is very pleased to have this resource as, in addition to being among the best exam practice available, it also allows parents to monitor and support their children as they revise.

Students will be receiving their individual logons and being shown how to use this site over the next few days.