Sixth Form Extra Curricular


Drama is thriving in the Sixth Form with energetic support from the A Level Theatre Studies and Performing Arts groups. Recent major productions include We Will Rock You and A Christmas Carol at St Aidan’s and The Phantom of the Opera and The Sound of Music at St John Fisher. A student-led group, Bedlam Theatre Company, also produces studio performances: recent productions include an adaptation of R C Sheriff’s Journey’s End.


The Debating Society meets weekly on a lunchtime. A varied calendar of events is arranged including debates, contests against local schools and entry into national competitions. This provides the opportunity to develop communication skills and increased confidence in public speaking.


The association has a strong record of success among students applying to these competitive courses. Students considering a career in Medicine or veterinary science are encouraged to work closely with the Careers Department to explore work experience and shadowing placements which will support their applications alongside some of the other extra-curricular activities on offer.


There is an Oxbridge Co-ordinator at both St Aidan’s and St John Fisher. In each case the Co-ordinator provides introductory information about Oxford and Cambridge, organises visits to Open Days and oversees the application process, including preparation for specialist examinations and interviews. The Association has a proud record of success in its applications to these and other prestigious universities.


The Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award is offered to students in Year 12, with the opportunity to complete it by the middle of Year 13. This most prestigious Award requires hard work and determination but it is well worth the effort. The Award comprises 5 main sections:

Physical Recreation

Service to the Community


Residential Project


The three and four-day expeditions take place in the Summer Term of Year 12 with training walks earlier in the year, in order to develop the necessary expedition skills. Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award can be followed as part of the Extra Time programme in the Sixth Form.


The Sixth Form Committees are elected by staff and students at St John Fisher and St Aidan’s. It has been a pleasure to watch the original idea develop through the enthusiasm of the participants so that they now provide an important contribution to the management of the Sixth Form and both schools. This is achieved by weekly meetings, participation in assemblies and leadership of official functions. We are indeed fortunate to have such able and committed students.


Teams are coached for inter-school competitions in Netball, Hockey, Soccer, Rugby, Basketball and Cricket. The level of success varies from year to year but all teams are competitive and enthusiastic. Dedicated performers are strongly encouraged to join senior clubs in the Harrogate area.


There is a wealth of musical opportunity on offer at both schools, way beyond that of any other similar establishment in the North of England. Both schools have a national, if not international reputation for the quality and breadth of their musical activity. Those moving to the

Associated Sixth Form from other schools are as welcome as any other student to join one of our musical ensembles. There may be entry requirements or auditions for some ensembles. If you would like to join a group, check the music pages of the school intranets and websites, the music department notice boards, or speak directly to the music staff.

The Swing Band of St Aidan’s and the Jazz Orchestra of St John Fisher have both reached the finals of the National Festival of Music for Youth, with both schools achieving the Outstanding Jazz Award in recent years. In November 2011, both schools were delighted to be invited to the Schools Proms in the Royal Albert Hall which saw the Chamber Choir and Jazz Orchestra performing together in a show-stopping collaboration. Both schools regularly take part in other national competitions with various ensembles competing at the highest of standards. In 2011, St John Fisher was the only school from the country that had 3 ensembles represented at the National Festival in Birmingham.

There really is an ensemble for everyone at St Aidan’s and St John Fisher with Ukelele groups, percussion ensembles, rock bands and Steel Pan Ensembles to name but a few, suiting all tastes. Each school also has a Sixth Form Choir and they regularly unite for liturgies at Christmas and Easter to celebrate the Association between the two schools.

As well as these staff-organised ensembles, many students naturally form their own groupings, from string quartets to rock bands. There is a strong tradition at both schools of large-scale collaborative ventures.

Extra-curricular performing arts are especially strong at St Aidan’s and St John Fisher with both schools regularly staging major musicals. St John Fisher has recently produced Return to the Forbidden Planet, Wizard of Oz, The Phantom of the Opera, The Sound of Music and Oliver.  In addition to all the above, both schools have flourishing orchestras,brass bands and other instrumental ensembles.


Being faith schools, both have thriving worship groups with St Aidan’s leading worship with their 30 strong in-house worship band, “Aidan’s Flame” and St John Fisher supporting the Leeds Diocese on a regular basis with their own worship groups.

For more information please contact Mr Ratcliffe (Head of Music, St John Fisher) or Mr Pallant (Director of Music, St Aidan’s) or email us at or