Reward System

We look for the Positive

Our teachers always seek to reward students for their achievements in lessons and around school. We want to let the students know that we appreciate how well they are doing.

Our Rewards

  • Personal praise and acknowledgement of achievement.
  • Positive points – these are awarded via e-behaviour for attendance and punctuality, good work/homework, good behaviour/attitude etc
  • We have adapted the current positive points structure by asking all staff to award +1 at the end of a lesson if a pupil makes good progress and behaves appropriately , if students produce excellent work within the lesson they may be rewarded with more points adhering to the points table.  If students receive five +1 positive points for the same subject area in successive lessons they are given +3 automatically.
  • Students are rewarded with positive points for involvement in extra-curricular activities
  • Achievement certificates – awarded through the accumulation of positive points.
  • Vouchers/Experiences – students can claim these using their ‘bank balance’ in e-behaviour.
  • Letters home – these can be from class teachers, Attainment Co-ordinators, Heads of Department or senior staff of the school etc.
  • Celebratory assemblies
  • School prizes and awards.