Pupil Voice

Pupil Voice

The aims of Pupil Voice at St John Fisher are:

  • To promote democracy
  • To give students a voice in the running of the school and in the implementation of Teaching and Learning strategies
  • To improve relationships between staff and students
  • To develop intrapersonal skills in students and to encourage them to become active citizens who can make a change in their local community

Pupil Voice consists of two streams, School Council and Form Meetings.

The School Council

The School Council is a representative body for the students at St John Fisher.  It consists of 8 students, two from each of Years 7-10 who are elected by their respective Year Councils.  We also have up to 6 additional co-opted members who wish to run specific projects.

The Year Councils for each year group consist of 14 students (two from each tutor group).  These are elected by the students in the tutor groups.

Each School and Year Council meet fortnightly, with the Year Councils meeting during Form Time and the School Council meeting at a lunchtime.  All students at St John Fisher are involved in the School Council process; they have the opportunity to raise issues and ideas with their Form Representatives during the fortnightly Form Meetings who will then discuss them at the Year Meetings.  Once the Year Council have decided on what needs to happen to take any issues forward, the representatives will bring them to School Council meetings.  The feedback process works in reverse, ensuring that all students are aware of the impact School Council is making.

A number of issues and topics have been on the agenda this year:

  • School facilities and improvements
  • School environment
  • Community awareness and fundraising

These discussions have resulted in some key actions:

  • Plans to improve the food technology classroom
  • Plans to improve the PE department changing rooms
  • Fundraising drives for various charities
  • Christmas social for local pensioners

All students at St John Fisher are actively encouraged to be part of the School Council process, whether they are a representative or not.

Form Meetings

Form Meetings are a method used by the Leadership Team and School Council to gather opinions from students on a variety of topics.  These meetings occur fortnightly during Form Time and are led by the Form Captains who have received training in how to effectively lead a meeting.  Each week a key theme is discussed and students type their answers into an online form to be analysed by the Leadership Team or School Council.  Previous answers are also fed back to students making the process transparent and allowing all students to see the impact that the meetings are having.  There is then the opportunity for a general discussion on any other issues students would like to bring to the attention of School Council.

Previous topics that have been discussed by our community include:

  • The amount and types of feedback that pupils receive from teachers
  • The types and effectiveness of rewards used by teachers
  • The types and effectiveness of lesson activities used in class
  • The food provided in the canteen
  • Which buildings projects School Council should campaign for