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Table Tennis Charity Cup Final Result

28 Apr 2017 | Posted In Sport

Team Photograph from left to right with Max Mills holding the trophy:

Sammy Kelly, George Gibson, Dale Gibson – A Team.

Tom Hudson, Matthew Lynch, George Asbury – B Team

Table Tennis Charity Cup Final

A Team—1 Dale Gibson (Handicap 71), 2 Sammy Kelly (70), George Gibson (80)

B Team—1 Tom Hudson (127), George Asbury (136), Matthew Lynch (109)

Fishers B received a 166 point lead.


Sammy v Tom                  21-15, 21-13, 42-194

Dale v Matthew                17-21, 21-14, 80-229

George v George              21-19,19-21, 120-269

Sammy v Matthew          21-6, 21-15, 162-290

George v Tom                   21-15, 21-11, 204-316

Dale v George                   21-17, 21-8, 246-341

George v Matthew           21-18, 20-21, 287-380

Sammy v George              21-2, 21-10, 329-394

Dale v Tom                        16-21, 21-10, 366-425


With a target of 379 needed to win, the B Team—all 3 really playing their best of the season, had won the Final with 2 matches to go, allowing everyone to relax a little. The Final was almost decided in the opening 3 matches and despite Sammy’s efforts the B Team players were not likely to lose such a commanding lead.


Individual scores saw Dale finishing (with handicap taken into the reckoning) on -32, Sammy on +5, and George on -32.

B Team – Tom +22, George +19 and Matthew +18


Congratulations to both teams for an excellent final, very good to watch, with great sportsmanship.

If you missed it, you missed a treat, only the 2nd time the final has been an all Fishers match, and maybe the last, but hopefully not.


Thanks to all supporters, and helpers over the season, the best ever for the teams.


Last weekend saw Sammy and Theo Kelly and Luke Furlong play in the 2* event in Blackpool, against some of the best players in the country.


All 3 did well, with Theo taking the “plate” final win in the U13 competition.

Max Mills