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Wellbeing Activities During School Closure

25 Mar 2020 | Posted In Parents, School News

Hi there

We know this is coming to you at a tough time. We’re doing what you’d expect a Wellbeing business to do – we’re trying to keep our spirits up by coming up with ways to spread some positivity and help keep minds busy with ‘good stuff’

Just before the outbreak, we were so excited to launch Brilliant Schools – an online wellbeing package for schools. We describe it as ‘like Netflix, but for wellbeing’

So we reckon we’ve got all this fab content, why not start sharing it anyway?

Starting this week we are launching #WellbeingWednesday. We’ll be doing one lesson a week for as long as necessary. The vids will be released on our YouTube channel at 10am every Wednesday

It’ll be free. This’ll give you a flavour.

If you love it, you can buy into the entire BrilliantSchools offering, so you can binge watch rather than wait. Special times calls for special measures so we’ll be offering super special deals on the original price. More details to follow soon

Meantime, please ask your teachers and those kids working from home to tune into our first wellbeing lesson at 10am on Wednesday

We’re here if you have any questions

All the best
The Art of Brilliance team