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Wellbeing Award at School (WAS)

21 Sep 2018 | Posted In Parents

Thank you to everyone who has already completed the WAS evaluation survey which was emailed earlier this week.  If you have not done so then there is still time and we urge you to do this as it is very important that we get as many views as possible.  All of the responses from pupils, staff and parents are collated and digitally summarised for us.  They will then be used to help us formulate a meaningful Action Plan to improve the way that we promote and protect the emotional well being and mental health of everyone in our school community.

The Award which is being jointly funded by the School and the PTA give us a framework for reviewing our current provision.  We will be expected to demonstrate our commitment to the following:

  • promoting mental health as a part of every day life
  • improving the emotional well being of our pupils and staff
  • ensuring mental health problems are identified early and appropriate support is provided
  • offering provision and interventions that match the needs of pupils and staff
  • raising awareness of the importance of mental health awareness

There will be a lot to do and it is estimated that securing the Award can take up to fifteen months.  We aim to keep everyone informed of our progress via regular inserts in the school Newsletter, on the website and on Facebook.  Students will be kept informed through assemblies, form noticeboards and special mental health awareness events.