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Y7 Enterprise Day – Wednesday 18 July

19 Jul 2018 | Posted In Newsletter

Y7 Enterprise Day – Wednesday 18 July

We were really excited when Bernadette Reid from Harrogate Lions contacted us offering to fund a life saving first aid course for our students as part of an initiative to increase the number of defibrillators in the area. Bernadette’s daughter in law suggested that training young people in the use of defibrillators would help to maximise their use. This resulted in over 200 students from St. John Fisher completing the two hour first aid course on the 18th July which was delivered by two excellent trainers from St. John Ambulance.

The students were taught about the importance of the recovery position as well as when and how to put a casualty in to it. In addition, they were given training in CPR and the use of a defibrillator before being assessed.

During the collapsed timetable day students also learnt about the importance of their online reputation and how to look after their digital footprint.

We also delivered an introduction to mindfulness as a way of helping students to maintain a healthy wellbeing by being calm and connected.

The final session allowed the students time to explore their long term futures using some careers software.

As the Acting Deputy Head Mr Jon Sharpe said at the start of the day ‘the skills that the students would learn today could literally be the most important ones they have learnt all year if not their lives; as they could literally enable them to save a life.’